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Fill the room with patchouli, petrichor, and cucumber to perfectly capture the essence of the season, reminding you of the relief brought on by the cool, calm comfort of the monsoon after scorching summer heat.
The scent of this candle takes you on a journey of revival, much like the land that blooms and rejuvenates after the much-awaited arrival of the monsoon.

Burn time approx. 32 hours. Lid included. Fill weight 6.76 fl oz.

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Lighting a Barsaat Candle is not merely an act of illumination; it is an invitation to be swept away by the enchanting essence of the monsoon, to embrace the rhythmic dance of raindrops, and to find solace in the soothing symphony of nature.


Burn within site. Burn away from anything that can catch fire. Do not burn unattended. Do not move while lit or until wax hardens. Trim wick to ¼” (6mm) before every use.


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